Founder of the 48-Hour Digital Fast, Jeff Stern talks to companies and organizations about how healthy digital habits can change their life — for the better. Far from an anti-technology Luddite, Stern encourages a balanced, mindful approach to our devices that keeps us connected, while helping us maintain our perspective.

Choose from two formats:

Healthy Digital Habits (60 or 90-minute interactive talk)

In this lively, often funny and always thought-provoking presentation and workshop, the audience will explore their own relationship with technology and — assuming they’re paying attention and not on their phone — come away with the tools they need to make it more balanced and less addictive. Stern will poll the group on their digital habits in advance of the presentation and incorporate that into the talk. 

48-Hour Digital Fast (facilitated event)

Stern customizes a Digital Fast for your team, walking you through every step of the process, including how to go screen-free safely and responsibly. The Digital Fast portion generally happens over a designated weekend, with a follow-up afterwards. Upon returning to work, people often feel more productive, focused, and calm during the day, and even sleep better at night.

Are you interested in having Jeff Stern work with your organization? 

Jeff Stern’s spin on the Digital Fast is a fascinating look at how our society can rely upon too much of a good “techy” thing. He is the absolute perfect speaker to discuss our digital habits because people won’t want to pick up their phones when they listen to him talk.
— Molly McPherson PR & Social Strategist, Social Shift Media